According to a book written by Samuel Walker, by the 1900s, the idea of the criminal justice system was firmly established. 1We see the development of this during Holmes’s trial with the first expert testimony by Dr. Scott and the way that the jury tailored the law to fit the specific case.

In Erik Larson’s book, he mentions a detective Edmund Rice who had the novel idea of preventing crime instead of just trying to solve it.2he World’s Fair is a landmark in the development of criminal justice. Visitors were leery to come to Chicago because it was a big city, and they were scared of what could happen. There were a lot of developments in criminal justice during this time such as the idea of preventing crime given above.

Holmes also destroyed the idea that America was a safe place.3 Everybody has the idea of small town safe America, even now. Whenever something like this happens, everyone is on edge and scared. When a landmark event happens, such as America’s first multi-murderer, people get scared. No one wants to think about the bad things that are going on in the world. They would rather remain ignorant.

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